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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Your feedback

Happy Monday!!

Heres to another week full of productivity and positivity! Im just updating the website and adding a few changes to my schedule, with the 6 weeks holiday now in place, a new home routine for myself and the chance to get away a little before Gus starts school in September Im moving with the times. I feel so grateful and lucky that I have the freedom to do so, your feedback always means a lot to me so please do feel free to reach out.

I still haven't heard an opening date for the leisure centre yet and I can understand how frustrating this can be when its unknown! But enjoy where we are right now, this week, this day, this very moment!

I would love to hear your feedback regarding classes, here are a few statements from my Poll I posted on facebook...

Im ready to go back to the studio.

I wont be going back to the studio yet.

I prefer online classes to real life. I haven't enjoyed online classes.

I have practiced more classes than ever online.

I have lost motivation during lockdown.

I would love to do a combination of online and real life.

Change is just around the corner!

Loads of love, V x