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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

throat chakra

Happy Monday.

This week ahead we explore the THROAT Chakra, a place within ourselves which we often struggle with. Communication, self expression or feeling misunderstood. The Throat Chakra - Vishuddha is sanskrit for purification, this pure energy calls upon our communication center to be one of authenticity and truth and in our lives.

When our throat chakra is out of balance it most likely will show up in our self-expression and communication.

If our throat chakra is excessive a person may exhibit inappropriate talk, interruptions or talking too much or over others. Talking is used as a defense and these people have trouble listening or hearing others. Someone with an excessive throat chakra may participate in gossip, have a stutter or excessive loudness in their voice. They tend to have trouble or an inability to keep confidences and secrets.

A person with a deficient throat chakra will have a hard time communicating in general. They often have fear around speaking or speak with a small or weak voice. This person may refer to themselves as shy or an introvert and have a difficulty putting things into words. They may be more secretive and private. Physically, an imbalanced throat chakra shows up as disorders of the throat, ears, voice or neck. Also tightness of the jaw and or toxicity in the body (due to a lack of purification within the body, the chakra’s name) can be signs of imbalance.

What does it look when the Throat Chakra is in balance? A person whose throat chakra is open and balanced exhibits clear communication, lives creatively, has a good sense of timing, rhythm and resonant voice, is a good listener and is able to connect through honest and open communication. This person speaks authentically and speaks to their truth in all circumstances. Physically, they show up as calm, have relaxed nerves and are open in their shoulders, neck and jaw.

We will explore opening the shoulders, chest, neck, upper back and throat, and enjoy the use of mantra within our practice. The simplest way of tuning back into our inner voices is by creating sound, just humming, the vibration, the awareness can help bring calm and clarity back into the body and mind.

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