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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Sunshine in your heart

Hey my darlings! Yellow is my favourite colour and the sunshine is BEAMING from my heart. What another glorious day☀️☀️I hope that your mindset is beginning to shift into hope, gratitude and values. We have been so productive, loving and nurturing these past few days and it’s beautiful. The house is clean, fresh and spacious constantly within a state of change and evolution. Less is more, and much like our home and material things, right now... busy minds, less is more. We have had things taken away from us, our freedom (so to speak) the right to just got to visit friends and family and hang out, the freedom to go shopping and get what ever we want. But is this all necessary, let’s turn it into necessity. Honouring the earth and our human connections, never taking anything we have for granted, loving thy neighbour, taking or buying only what is essential and being incredibly grateful for everything that we have. We experience loss and frustration sure, but it opens our eyes and hearts to a great space of awareness and freedom from within! You are loved, you are free, your space and time are yours to behold and care for each day. Make the most of life my beautiful ones, you are incredible. Xx

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