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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Newsletter May

T I M E . T O . C R E A T E ...

Its time to create a safe haven for our bodies and minds, with this new week starting with more news regarding isolation, we may be feeling a little out of the loop, confused, frustrated and those anxiety levels that we managed to settle have just started to reappear. Im here to remind you that you are human, you are allowed to feel, allowed to have your own thoughts. Im sure we have all experienced many emotions over the weeks and even though we are all in this together, we will all experience this situation individually.

It's time to start taking care of you, your health, your priorities and decisions, Im loving sharing my energy with you, what you see is what you get! Im positive, open and always see the best in situations, But I'm also very cautious not to get trapped in the media whirlwind, we have researched but also taken the biggest step back away from it ALL. We follow the rules, we have isolated, not seen anyone, not even gone outside for our daily exercise and taken the greatest care to look after ourselves and respect others, friends and family. From this we have built beautiful new connections and relationships, gaining that value back of human connection and how important it is just be open and express yourself, maybe you have reached out to old friends just to say 'Thinking of you, hope you're okay'.. I mean, how amazing is that!? Something like this makes a big impact on our lives and we will move forwards from it as better people. (Im forever the optimist!)

More than ever your yoga practice can help you, create space within your mind and body. Without anything like this going on we still all notice how easy the mind can be distracted and influenced, so it's understandable that now we are feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, who knows what! Here are a few simple techniques to help you feel grounded, get back on track and not lost in clouds of uncertainty.

P O S I T I V E :

Affirmations are a lovely way to give your mind that boost, positivity breeds positivity... and well.. I don't need to mention the opposite! Set a reminder on your phone that pops up an affirmation (There may even be an app you can download!) Write post it notes and stick them around the house, or if you're working from home, simply scribble on the bottom of your paper. Every evening I write a note for Gus to read when he wakes, he sits and reads it out loud, I tell him stories to inspire his imagination, I tell him fun things we will do though out the day and I tell him he's beautiful, loved and happy!

I am grounded.

I am safe.

I have everything I need within me and around me.

I am grateful for everything I have.

My body is healthy and my mind clear.

I acknowledge my own self worth and confidence.

My obstacles are moving out of my way, my path is carved towards greatness.

My fears of tomorrow are melting away.

Each day I live to my fullest.

N E G A T I V E .

Meditation and breathing techniques can be a wonderful way of helping ease stress and tension. Why not try a guided meditation? A simple breathing technique you can do when you have 5 minutes...

Find a comfortable space, lay down and support the head with a pillow. Taking time to let the body rest, to encourage the mind to settle I want you to focus on the breath... slowly... gently... and calmly. Inhale to the count of 5 and exhale to the count of 7. Take as long as you like, and tune in, if your mind wanders, its okay!! Just come back to your breath when you can, over time this will become easier and easier, the longer we can stay with the breath, with no force, we can create stillness and rest, allowing the exhalation to become longer also triggers the parasympathetic nervous system aiding in deep relaxation for the body and mind.

M E D I T A T I O N . M A Y

Meditation May is still under way and Im super busy creating a new page on the website for the daily meditations. Trying to upload them to facebook, instagram and the website has been near impossible! Technology hasn't been on my side with this one Im afraid, It took a day to upload the videos and then I was faced with errors and just no progress. So instead by the end of this week you will have a wonderful catalogue of meditation videos for free on the website. I'll keep you all in the loop and be sure to keep checking back when you get chance. Thank you for your patience and understanding, its all moving in the right direction! x

B O O K I N G .

Ive updated the booking system! Now you can enjoy instant confirmation and session links, no late booking cutoff and your own playlists.

Once you book your session you will now receive the access link WITHIN your confirmation email. So no waiting around for the link to come 15 minutes before and no chance of it wandering into your junk mail! (Within the confirmation details it says Video Conference 'join zoom meeting').

✨As we enjoy the booking efficiency, Spotify playlists will still be emailed across and shared on the facebook page Victoria Waits Yoga prior to each session starting. You'll be able to explore the playlists and each has been created with love and story telling, you'll be able to shuffle each time and enjoy something new.

🌙All playlists can be found here:


Late bookings are now open until 5 minutes before the class begins! So you wont miss out if you're running late, how wonderful!

A HUGE BIG LOVE to each and every one of you, look after yourselves, breathe deep, stay safe. xx

''If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." - Roald Dahl

G E T  I N  T O U C H

Victoria Waits