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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits


Need a little help?

Here you can find FAQ regarding Online classes and technical issues that may arise.

Why does my page keeps refreshing when I try and checkout?

When checking out you will need to select the date on the calendar for the session you wish to book. 

This might be an issue with the web browser, try opening the website in a new browser from Google.

When I sign up for zoom it says i'm limited to 40 minutes and 3 participants? 

This is only used for people wanting to host sessions, if you're attending a class you have no time limit so wont be cut off after the 40 minutes!

My coupon code isn't working?

Please ensure that you are spelling the coupon code correctly, it IS case sensitive!  If you're coupon code isn't working you may have reached your 10 class limit.

How do I know how many sessions i have left on my class package?

Once you have run out of sessions in your package your coupon code will no longer be valid, if you want to know how many you do have left just drop an email to victoriawaitsyoga@gmail.com

When will I receive the class access link?

You will receive the link 15 MINUTES before the class begins, this may be a little early or late as each link is sent to individuals manually.

Why haven't I received my session link?

All email confirmations and details are sent to the email you book with connected to your Paypal account.

+ When checking out please make sure that your email address is SPELT CORRECTLY! If you want class confirmations sent to a different email address please get in touch with the new email address and your details will be amended and saved for future correspondence.

+ Please check your JUNK FOLDER in your mail box.

+ If you haven't received your link 10 MINUTES before the class starts please get in touch via EMAIL.

Can other people see me in the online session?

Other participants will be able to see you within the session if you turn your camera ON. Once you log into the session you will have a pop up asking for access for the camera and audio. 

Why can I see other participants on my screen?

You will be able to see everyone else taking part in the class with and without their cameras on, this is the same view for the teacher which allows them to see the class! To only have the TEACHER on your screen, either scroll (on your phone) or double click and select PIN SPEAKER (on laptop).

I cant hear anything in the online session.

Please make sure when logging into the session you accept the 'connect to audio' pop up, it may say use internet to connect, please do!

I cant touch my toes!

You don't need to touch your toes to get the benefits of creating a calm and open life. Yoga is about uniting your body, mind and soul. building that awareness to notice what causes you stress and how to cope with it, you're physical practice opens the body to release tension and discomfort, you find a lovely balance where you feel in control, grateful and fulfilled!

You can find more helpful tips using zoom here:


If you have any questions and cant find what you're looking for here please get in touch anytime!

Thank you,Victoria