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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

day 30 - fallen star

DAY 30 🤩 Pose: Fallen Star

Alignment: The perfect posture to end the challenge! Fallen star! Starting in downward facing dog, pedal through the legs and sway the hips from side to side, connect to the movement here and find the flow where the hips lead the legs and the movement of the legs lead the hips. For this posture we want to use the arms as support so be mindful of moving slow and taking your time! The slower we move the more we gain! From your down dog, inhale lift the right leg high, and you exhale bring it through and across the belly to the left armpit. Repeat this 3 times...On the final round exhale right knee, left elbow. Then kick the right foot out beyond the left edge of the mat, on your next inhalation reach the left hand high! Reach, extend and open! 5 deep breaths and enjoy a flow back to 3 legged dog, and straight into the other side!

Benefits: Strengthens the core, upper body, shoulders and arms. Creates flexibility within the hips, waist, outer thighs and chest. Super expressive posture that just keeps on giving. Wonderful to use in transitions to keep that core fired up! A huge well done to all of you who have taken part in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge! thank you for being patient with the uploading difficulities, we got there!! I am so proud of you! Ill be announcing the winner of the 10 class package this Sunday! X Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook and/or Instagram with the tag @victoria_waits #wildyoga #yogachallenge #victoriawaitsyoga #yoga #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #yogalife #yogaposture #yogaeveryday #yogapractice #onlineyoga #yogapose #yogainspiration #zoomyoga #yogauk #yogalove #yogateacher #yogastudent #yogaflow #vinyasa #yinyoga #meditation