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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Day 23 - Half happy baby

DAY 23 🌙 Pose: Half Happy Baby

Alignment: Laying on your back enjoy hugging both knees into the chest. As you hug the knees in allow them to fall wider than the waist, variation one of this can simply be allowing the knees and feet to fall away from each other with hands working with gravity. So good at releasing the lower back and hips! To move into half happy baby pose, drop the left foot to the floor and hug the right knee in with the right hand, thread the right upper arm to the inside of the right thigh and hold the foot, palm rests on the top of the foot and fingers grab the outer edge. Bend the knee and allow the right let to be at a right angle, so the sole of the foot is exposed toward the ceiling, the knee starts to move beyond the waist and towards to floor by the right ribs. 2 minutes, or 10 long breaths! Don't forget to repeat the other side!

Benefits: Opens and releases the inner groin, hip flexors, lower back, hamstrings and glutei. Hip openers are wonderful postures to release emotional tension and stress, freedom of movement in the hips also aids to release lower back pain.

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