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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Day 20 - Eagle Pose

Day 20! 🦅 Pose: Eagle Pose - Garudasana

Alignment: Starting from standing allow the feet to fall hip distance, gently bend into both knees and begin baring weight into the right foot. As if you were seated begin crossing the left leg over the right, so the thighs have contact, bend deeper into the knees and you may be able to hook the left toes behind the right ankle! (Don't worry if you can't, it comes with time, practice and helps with extra long toes!). Once you have found your balance lift through the heart and chest, Inhale to reach the arms wide, palms facing down, as you exhale much like the crossing of the legs cross the arms in the same way. Left under right, where ever the arms meet, gently press towards each other, allowing the upper back to broaden. This is a tricky pose so enjoy as long as you can when you find stillness, don't forget to repeat the other side!

Benefits: Builds concentration, focus and resilience. Strengthens the legs, ankles, feet.Stretches the thighs, hips, upper back and shoulders. Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook and/or Instagram with the tag @victoria_waits #wildyoga #yogachallenge#victoriawaitsyoga You have the chance to win a x10 FREE CLASS PASS on www.victoriawaits.com! Have fun and good luck! #yoga #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #yogalife #eaglepose#yogaposture #yogaeveryday #yogapractice #onlineyoga #yogapose#yogainspiration #zoomyoga #yogauk #yogalove #yogateacher#yogastudent #yogaflow #vinyasa #yinyoga #meditation#yogacommunity #yogafamily #gratitude