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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Day 15 - Goddess

DAY 15

Pose: Twisted Goddess - Utkata Konasana

Alignment: Starting from standing separate the feet wide! Lift the arms and align the ankles with the wrists (please make your own variation on this, this is just a guideline!) We want the feet wide to work into those delicious hips of yours! Heels in, toes out, externally rotate the thigh bones. Resting the hands on the hips take an inhale to lift the heart, and as you exhale find a deep squat, bending into the knees and rocking from side to side. Slightly tuck the tail bone and have a few breaths with the heart lifted and the lower ribs hugging in. Extending the hands down to the knees slowly turn to the right, maybe sinking into one shoulder and elbow. Inhale to the centre and exhale to the left.

Benefits: Strengthens the legs, feet and ankles. Tones the pelvic floor and sexual organs. Opens the hips, inner thighs. heart and chest. a wonderful pose to gain strength, freedom and grounding.

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