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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Happy Hips Workshop.

You're invited to a 2 hour workshop with Victoria Waits exploring yoga postures related to hip mobility and flexibility. Helping you to gain more of an understanding on pelvic alignment and how this can help you improve your posture, release physical discomfort and improve your personal practice greatly. Within a yoga practice the postures all focus on flexibility of the spine and hips, this is so eventually the body can comfortably sit for long periods of time in meditation without strain or interruption. Looking at our busy lives and how often the body can fall into bad habits from poor posture we start to experience aches and pains. We begin to lose strength in certain areas and tightened muscles in others, this can then over time create imbalances elsewhere within the body thus, creating more tension and discomfort! This workshop we will cover postures to strengthen the muscles surrounding the hips but also gain knowledge on safe and effective stretches to release tension. Explore your favourite postures: Pigeon pose Lunges Frog Pose Warrior postures Balance Seated Postures Reclined Twist You will learn all ranges of movements within the hips, helping you to recognise muscles associated with back pain, sciatica, knee problems and tightness. Move deeper into your practice with knowledge that you understand! Alignment and modifications for common yoga postures. Gentle hands on adjustments Demonstrations Easy to process Anatomy P L E A S E . B R I N G Yoga Mat Notebook & Pen Blanket Blocks (If you have them) D A T E Saturday 14th March 2020 1.30-3.30pm The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington, Kidderminster £20 Per person Booking is essential for the workshops as spaces are limited. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, anytime. www.victoriawaits.com