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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Root Chakra Yoga & Soundbath

This Saturday we embrace the Autumn months ahead with the first of our Chakra workshops. Autumn and Winter are a time for nurturing, taking time to heal and create that self care routine, the First Chakra is Muladhara, the ROOT. Honouring the earth, the ability to trust our surroundings, feel safety with what is and feel our feet firmly planted on the ground.

G R O U N D . Y O U R S E L F Following the success of last years gathering we reach out and give you the opportunity to immerse deeper into the Muladhara Chakra. Immerse yourself into a deep and flowing yoga practice opening, activating and balancing the Root Chakra (Muladhara). Explore the philosophy behind this energy centre, the physical and emotion traits and embrace a full yoga sequence to ground yourself, allowing you to feel whole, balanced and safe. This chakra is associated with the element earth and is linked to your ability to feel grounded, safe, trusting and feeling stability in your life. It is the foundation of the entire chakra system, as it is the lowest of all the chakras on the body. The Muladhara Chakra is an important center for grounding to maintain balance in your life. Having a strong connection to the earth provides a solid foundation for experiencing the energies of all of the chakras. G E N T L E . F L O W . Y O G A . Enjoy 1.5 hours of gentle flowing/yin yoga to release tension deep within the legs and hips. A nurturing yoga practice that will be close to the ground, seated postures and reclined poses, a wonderful exploration into Yin Yoga. Suitable for all levels and abilities. Use your breath to explore the bodies strength and stability, learn to connect back to yourself, body and mind. A guided relaxation will allow your body to rest and be open to the journey of sound. R E L E A S E . L E T . G O . U N R A V E L . This beautiful sound bath collaboration allows you to connect your senses, The sounds of gong, drum, crystal and himalayan singing bowls, chimes and seed sounds guide your body through a journey. Feel the layers of physical and emotional tension and dis-ease melt away. Allow your body to unravel and let go. P R E P A R E . Please wear comfortable clothing which allows freedom of movement, layers to take off when warmed up and layers to put back on for the sound bath. (The bodies temperature drops significantly). Pillows and thick blankets are encouraged for the most amazing cocooned experience. Bring a bottle of water and anything you desire to be completely at ease. Open to all levels of yoga practitioner, ages 16+ and abilities.* B O O K . I N . A D V A N C E . This event is booking only: £30 PER PERSON

https://www.victoriawaits.com/product-page/root-chakra-yoga-sound-bath A D D R E S S . The Oaks Community Hall Harvington, Kidderminster V I C T O R I A . W A I T S . www.facebook.com/victoriawaitsyoga B O D Y . R H Y T H M S . https://www.facebook.com/bodyrhythms If you have any questions please free to get in touch. *Please be advised that due to the vibratory effect soundbaths are not suitable for those in the first trimester of pregnancy, anyone suffering from a severe episode of mental health, those with some heart conditions/pacemakers or those with sound sensitive epilepsy. Please message Michelle for more information on the soundbath 07443637063

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