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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Tantric Intimacy Workshop FEB

This Valentines, rather than falling into the same routine of booking a meal why not learn something new about your self or each other, what really inspires and attracts you? Have you found when Valentines comes around you're rushing around on your lunch break ON THE DAY to find a 'random' card to say I love you. You forgot the flowers, the funs taken out of the intimacy, all the local restaurants are fully booked and well, the kids are running around the living room trashing the place.

So lets take a step back, lets just take a little 5 minutes to breathe and contemplate.

Intimacy comes from a place of intrigue, not agenda. I think we often find ourselves in relationships where we forget our true identity and end up playing a role of give or take, or take and take, or its full of expectations and we end up being unfulfilled.

Remember that real raw feeling of attraction, that laugh when someone or fate just dropped in your lap and you shared the same interests, everything made sense and there was nothing to distract you. As we age, things change, we evolve, our roles change, we get to know each other and ourselves a little to well and those small things that excite us now annoy the hell out of us.

Where can all this Tantric Yoga help?

If you all ready practice yoga, mindfulness or meditation you will be familiar of almost these layers of awareness, the separation between body and mind, the mind and its thoughts, you and everything else. Tantra means Liberation & Expansion, not with someone else but you alone, breathing fully into your body and this sacred space of the heart and mind. Imagine how amazing it would feel to be constantly in a state of gratitude, bliss, beauty and simplicity.

Tantra yoga gives you access to this deep connection to YOU, without judgement, to be something else, or dare I say it to please someone else. Ive said many times before we can easily fall into this trap of social media and technology where we are living separate lives, we edit out the crap bits and find ourselves living behind rose tinted glasses we placed upon our heads. Taking a step back to the simplicity of FEELING through a yoga practice (regardless of what lineage or style you practice) brings us back to ourselves, to notice those aches and pains, the small achievements through patience and commitment. As with any yoga practice and relationship (with or without a partner) its all a journey.

As we begin to work on ourselves on a physical and spiritual level we begin to unlock all sorts of feelings, memories can come back that we thought we buried deep under the living room rug. We can also experience amazing pleasure, a physical relief and an emotional release. Over time we notice how the body responds to stresses and distractions how we interact with other people changes as we feel so comfortable in ourselves, we understand that everyone is on a journey, some are a little lost and the 'go get em' people are no longer a threat and are actually admirable!

Sharing the space on an intimate level means you're in touch with yourself, you know what you like, what you want and you're not afraid to share and listen to others. You can nurture someone else when you're both coming from a place of self love and respect. Working on ourselves day by day can be incredibly rewarding, you feel that vibrance and zest for life, noticing the good, processing and excepting the bad moments, its a phase which is here to teach you something.

Intimacy can be about sharing those moments of quiet, the simplicity of making an effort out of joy without expecting a thank you or a reaction. You just ARE. Taking yourself away from the distractions, making time to be together (or alone) you can really begin to feel the energy from someone or what you really feel inside. You can use this as just listening, paying complete attention, noticing how when someone talks you look deep into their eyes rather than the cat scratching the sofa or the school children walking past the house. Give your full attention to every detail, the freckles on the cheeks, the shape of their nose, how their lips curl up when they smile. (This can be practiced with ANYONE). Noticing that human nature, that connection that appears when we pay attention in the moment, we begin to feel so much more. I recently did eye gazing with a stranger, you sit facing each other and gaze into each others eyes for as long as you can, without any words, just silence you are there just being, thinking, learning, processing understanding. Within 5 minutes I was in tears, I couldn't hold it in, I didn't even think about it, I wasn't holding anything back I knew of, just in that moment, I felt as if she knew me and I was safe, protected and could let go.

When you work through this on a sexual level there isn't an agenda, you are just together, whether you're sexual active or not this is something you can practice alone or in a relationship. Self love begins from self care, taking the time to nurture your body and mind, following the eight limbs and noticing the limb or principle of Saucha - Cleanliness. Practicing this self transformation you feel everything, the smallest detail is profound, everything is connected and your senses are enhanced 100%!!

There are so many techniques you can learn for mindfulness and sensuality. Coming from a place of self care and the willingness to listen and learn you will gain so much within your relationships. The most important element is time, not time keeping (hell no! You know how I hate watches!) Throw your watch away, turn your phone off, turn off the schedule alarm and just be there. Nothing to do, no where to be. Together or alone, begin to feel, to unravel your senses and explore what you want to explore. From eye gazing, to massage, to touching with no hands, no kissing, silence, blindfolded, whispers, partner yoga, its all play and its all experience. The male and female body are on completely different ends of the scale when it comes to spiritual and physical transformation and they have to be honoured that way. Knowing that they both intertwine with each other, that we both have divine feminine and masculine energies inside of us that create this human power to explore bliss!

Through your yoga practice you can unlock so many things you never knew you could, a real connection to yourself, the true and beautiful you. And in time, this can be shared.


Saturday 16th February 2019

£15 per person


Harvington. Kidderminster


Open to all who are interested in knowing more about the sexuality side of Tantra!

A two hour workshop to enjoy yoga philosophy, the spiritual make up of female and make energies, how to enjoy TIME. x

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