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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Happy New Year!

Sending you all the love and gratitude after an amazing year, I can’t quite get over how much I have done, learnt and experienced this year. I cannot wait to step into a brand new year in the morning, to celebrate I will share it with some of my close yoga girls walking to watch sunrise. Meditation and contemplation to embark on this new journey. Thank you all for being a part of my journey, I will hold your hands and hearts close to me as we walk through another year! As we step into the New Year of 2019 we will be exploring and grasping onto and creating connection. Letting go of expectations, judgement, negativity we can embrace mindfulness, pure love, compassion and true self. What will you be releasing these next few days and what are you excited to explore and create in the new year ahead? Happy New Year to you all, happy every day!

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