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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Spiritual Intimacy Workshop

Spiritual Intimacy Workshop - LEARN, REJUVENATE & ENJOY (not only for couples, you can come on your own) Saturday 6th October 2018 Time: 10.00am - 6.00pm Location: Kidderminster Fee-Early bird until 15 September Couples £50. Singles £35. Limited spaces available. After 15 September Couples £70. Singles £45. Please contact: indianwellnessacademy@gmail.com for booking as spaces are limited. www.kundalinitantrayoga.co.uk/store/p37/Spiritual_Intimacy_Workshop.html The workshop is run by Anand, a highly experienced international Spiritual Tantra and Yoga Master, ​Ildy,​​ a ​very ​skilled yoga teacher​ with vast experience in Couple harmony and spiritual sexuality and relationship issues, Victoria & Rebecca Kundalini Tantra Yoga teachers offering physical and emotional guidance through practice.Together they create a fascinating and entertaining workshop that enables practitioners to connect deeper to their practices and partners. Their passion is spreading the ancient yogic ​tantric ​teachings so that people can experience more joy in an often stressful world. What you will learn has the potential to rapidly transform your entire life. You are invited to this personal space to deepen your knowledge and awareness of the Tantric system. Exploring the intimate side of your practice you will be guided by Anand, Ildiko, Victoria & Rebecca, open to all levels of experience and yoga practitioner wanting to deepen their spiritual connection to themselves and partners. In a world of high stress, to-do-lists, and constantly running out of time, Tantra is the perfect antidote to the routine that develops in every romantic relationship. This beautiful art of conscious, sacred sexuality has been practised for thousands of years by Tantric couples in order to achieve authentic love, deep and passionate connection and Spiritual enlightenment. And absolutely anyone today can draw from the ancient reservoir of knowledge and wisdom of our ancient ancestors. Do you feel that your eroticism could use a boost? Do you want to feel more sexy, more alive, spontaneous and playful? To be able to make love more and with more passion? To be more effective in your meditation practice, as well as have more energy for everyday activities? T I M E T A B L E 10.00am – 1.00pm Basic principles of Tantra - Yoga or Tantra: Which path to choose when-Similarity and differences among two paths - Tantric exercises for opening and activating energy channels - Tantric breath exercises for activating Kundalini energy and inner cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti 1.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch Break(shared lunch) 2.00pm– 4.00pm - Tantric Meditation techniques for harmonizing energies - Kamasutra: Song of eternal love - Shringar: Song of eternal beauty - Cosmic orgasm: Song of Spiritual Love 4.00pm – 5.00pm Introduction to Tantric chakra massage 5.00pm -6.00pm - Guided Tantra relaxation with Rumi Love Poems This workshop will teach you several methods of accomplishing this. The focus of this workshop is helping you to amplify your sexual energy and vitality, and get rid of whatever drains your energy out. At physical level - you will learn about foods and physical exercise to increase your stamina. At energetic level - breathing and yoga poses aiming specifically to increase and refine your sexual energy. At emotional level - learn to detach yourself from old trauma, fears and everything that may be holding you back and prevents you from living a life full of passion, excitement and joy. “Tantra is a set of techniques used all over the world to deepen intimacy, increase passion, and communicate in a more open and authentic way.” Tantra is a scientific path for transformation of one’s own individual energy. In the human body a vast amount of energy is produced by our cells, which flows in different directions. If this energy flows in a rhythmic way or in the proper channels then we can feel happy and healthy, with clarity of mind to enjoy all walks of our life. If this energy flows in a non-rhythmic or has a diffused flow, then various physical, mental, emotional sicknesses start to arise. Tantra couple and family harmony seminar teaches how to balance this energy between partners according to their requirement and live a happy and blissful life. Together we explore tools to integrate the gracefulness of your breath, in building energy that will open your inner flute that connects your energy centres, with awareness of your body and each movement, allowing you to surrender to yourself and open your heart to intimacy. It is this breath that connects life to consciousness and the awareness of the moment, unites your body to your thoughts. Spend a fun and relaxed day learning about the couple harmony techniques of the ancient yoga tantra system. You will be shown simple but incredibly effective yogic exercises for mastering sexual vitality. These techniques are proven to fundamentally enhance energy levels and can even help people detach from negative emotions or mindsets that are holding them back from experiencing life with the fullest joy, passion and excitement. It's the greatest way to enhance the intimacy of any relationship and you learn and bring added vitality to all aspects of life, making you more happy, playful, spontaneous and the sort of person people just love to be around.

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