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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Soundbath & Chakra Workshop MAY

We are so happy to share another beautiful sound bath and yoga session with you! Embracing spring and new intentions our yoga practice will open and balance the chakras within the body, refreshing, renewing and rebalancing.

Immerse yourself into a deep and flowing yoga practice surrounded by candlelight the beautiful sounds of gong, drum, crystal and himalayan singing bowls. Feel the layers of physical and emotional tension and dis-ease melt away in this three hour session with Victoria Waits & Michelle Beagley. G E N T L E . F L O W . Y O G A . Enjoy 1.5hours of gentle flowing/yin yoga to stimulate the senses, release physical tension, ignite our inner fire and gain inner clarity. Use your breath to explore the bodies fluidity and mobility, learn to connect back to yourself, body and mind. R E L E A S E . L E T . G O . U N R A V E L . This beautiful soundbath allows you to connect into your senses, through smells of essential oils, the touch of the sounds on your being, the taste of freedom within. In-sight and listening in to your depths. Allow your body to unravel and let go. Open to all levels of yoga practitioner, ages 16+ and abilities.* You would be most welcome exactly as you are. Nothing to do, nowhere to be, just being here now. Bring blankets, comfy clothing and anything you desire to feel comfortable. B O O K . I N . A D V A N C E . (Use 'FREEPOST' upon checkout to dismiss postage costs!) V I C T O R I A . W A I T S . www.facebook.com/victoriawaitsyoga B O D Y . R H Y T H M S . https://www.facebook.com/bodyrhythms If you have any questions please free to get in touch. *Please be advised that due to the vibratory effect soundbaths are not suitable for those in the first trimester of pregnancy, anyone suffering from a severe episode of mental health, those with some heart conditions/pacemakers or those with sound sensitive epilepsy. Please message Michelle for more information on the soundbath 07443637063

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