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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Positive Birth

I want to share with you my experience of my birth, helping women understand that birth is a completley natrual process and to help get rid of the fear that comes with pregnancy and tell tale stories. Where do I start?

I have been praticing yoga for over 5 years full on and have always been very open minded, homely, calm and self loving. Taking time each day for my practice and letting life happen the way it was supposed to, enjoying all the outcomes from emotions, day to day, work, food, relationships and everything in between whether they were good or bad. After our visit to India we came home and I fell pregnant and we were so excited! My husband was working away from home so the first 3 months I was home and very ill with sickness, but I knew it was happening for all the right reasons and just got on with it. Some days were worse than others, I didnt really eat alot and couldnt really move about to much without feeling horrific, I was still teaching my classes at this time but couldnt really handle the 6am start for my gym shift!

I took everyday as it came, ate and rested as much as I could. Days past, weeks past and after the 16 week mark I felt back to normal, I had my energy and started practicing yoga again gently (I stopped my home practice for the first 3 months). I was incredibly aware of my changing body and my asana's adapted to my growing body, my tiredness and emotional state. If I wanted to just stay in childs pose for the hour, I would, breathing calmly and acknowledging that this was what my body wanted and needed at that moment in time. I was reading alot of books and they all focused on the breath, especially through the labour chapter, BREATHE! Having already had this drilled into me I found it ocmpletly natural and honestly through the birth, this is what kept me going (after all we need to breathe to function) but I mean the rhythm, the sound and heat from my breath on the back of my throat kept me grounded. I highly recommend trying some breathing techniques, or meditation to start getting your body in sync and really feel the benefits of taking full breaths and how is can calm the nervous system.

I was also practicing hypnobirthing, I didnt pay to attend classes, I brought a book which had a cd with visualistations, guided relaxation and positive affirmations on. As soon as it arrived I read the book and listened to the cd every day, even though it says you can start as you near the end of your pregnancy, why wait? I felt that starting so early I had the chance for everything to be engraved in my mind, word for word, the sound of the music and the positive affirmations I could repeat to myself. Imagine when youre at school and you have to revise, every night, over and over to get through that exam.. and I bet you can still remember some answers now, or even a few french phrases from the first class you took! It all goes in with practice and the brain is there to learn and adapt!

Im sure everyone hears many horror stories, and many do's and donts about everything but at the end of the day, its your choice to listen and react which way you will. Listening to these negative stories actually plants negative thoughts in your mind and will stay there for as long as you keep them there. The best way to avoid this situation is to simply ignore the 'negative story' or be polite and say you dont want to hear this right now. Birth is a beautiful experience and we should celebrate it. A positive outlook brings a positive birth and emotions towards the future and your family.


It was the evening on 6th November, I had a lovely day relaxing and actually said to myself I would do a full hour of yoga, focus completely and prepare for the birth. After I made a full pineapple smoothie, had a shower and then had a kip. The cats had been all over me that day and always getting close to my belly, on the evening Meola (one of our cats who hadn't been close to me a lot since being pregnant) came up and touched my belly with his paw, starting at me.

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