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“Yoga brings you into the present moment.  The only place where life exists.”

  • Victoria Waits

Happy Christmas Yogi's

What a year it has been, I truly am so grateful for the opportunity to work with each and every one of you! Thank you all for inspiring me to teach and making my job so rewarding, you are amazing! As its the Christmas break now enjoy your time off, embrace it, we all need a little rest to recouperate. When things feel a little to hectic you are allowed to take a time out, breathe and look inwards, relax. The new year is almost upon us, have you set your intention and new years resolution? On our first class back we will be setting our san kalpa, bringing awareness to every day lives and will be talking through the eight limbed path. I wish you all the happiness and love this Christmas, be kind, be grateful and love unconditionally.

All my love, Victoria x

"Happy Winter Solstice AND New Moon. This powerfully yin day is amazing for self reflection, setting new intention, and starting fresh. Remember change isn't scary----it's tapping into unlimited potential. You always have the power to grow and change---you just need to be open to it. Happy Solstice/New Moon!" - Kathryn Budig

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