“To be fully human is to be wild. Wild is the strange pull and whispering wisdom. It’s the gentle nudge and the forceful ache. It is your truth, passed down from the ancients, and the very stream of life in your blood. Wild is the soul where passion and creativity reside, and the quickening of your heart. Wild is what is real, and wild is your home.”

Care free. playful, open hearted and real.

Victoria’s energy is playful, energetic, spontaneous and care free, Spending time with her gives you a sense of freedom. Her down to earth personality allows you to instantly connect and relax into yourself.

Classes are open to all levels, honouring you as you are and inspiring you to be the best version of yourself.

Victoria is a qualified 200hr Kundalini Tantra Teacher with a 500hr teaching Yoga Diploma, Yin Yoga & Mindfulness qualified, Level 3 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist, Dance Lecturer, 200hr Pilates instructor. NBF Alpine Yoga Instructor (Bavaria). Registered through Yoga Alliance & REPS. Victoria is based in Worcestershire England, teaching predominantly in Kidderminster, Stourport & Bewdley. Always exploring adventures teaching Retreats outside of the United Kingdom. With over 8 years experience and a huge passion for body and mind connection each class you will see the spark, the love & the vibrance she carries for what she does. 

The intelligence of the body is explored in each practice, Victoria offers a spirited exploration into the movement of the body and the power of the mind. Classes offer a deep physical practice, that can be playful and ignite your curiosity. From setting intentions to learning yogic and Chinese medicine philosophy you will leave classes with lots of things for the mind to ponder.


In each class she encourages and motivates students to enjoy their own time and space and learn to honour their individual practice.


Classes offer a physical yoga posture practice to help individuals build strength, flexibility and allow for full body conditioning. Delving into philosophy enables students to understand the depth of the tantric yoga system, why we do what we do in classes and taking the practice home to use in daily life.

We can practice yoga on and off the mat. 


Playful and challenging flows are introduced within each session, allowing the body to adapt, change and evolve. If we don't explore those edges beyond our comfort zones what will we learn about ourselves and others? Within each class Victoria encourages each student to work at their own pace and comfort.  We learn to enjoy our own company, we soften into the sensations the body creates, we take time to listen to our thoughts.


Yoga & meditation are not about switching yourself off, its about switching yourself ON to life!

An intention or focal point is set each week helping deepen the individuals practice and help them gain knowledge about their body. Whether it is a certain area within the body, the chakra system, integral alignment, emotional releases, strength building or playful arm balances its important to play with the body and inspire the mind.


Combining elements of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Tantra, Pilates, Mindfullness, Kundalini, Yin & Yoga Nidra

each yoga class will challenge, stretch, build resilience within the body & mind.  

The classes are open to all levels and abilities ages 16+ unless stated other wise.

Victoria offers adaptions, modifications and varied intensity with a gentle hands on approach in every class. mats, Blocks, Straps and Bolsters are provided.




The goddess strives to be the best she can be.

It is someone who embarked on life's journey to learn, discover & grow as a human & spiritual being.

It is someone who wants to live life authentically, fearlessly & wholeheartedly - whatever it takes.



Begin the journey


My life had always been very physical. Having spent my young life training to be a professional dancer and then moving on to work in a healthcare profession I was devasted to learn I had developed debilitating spinal disorder. Following numerous unsuccessful treatments and copious amounts of pain medication I came to my last hope....Yoga. I had attended several classes before stumbling upon Victoria's classes and I have never looked back since. I remember her warm welcome from the moment I arrived in class immediately making me feel at ease. I was inspired by her knowledge and grace of movement from the start. She is an amazing teacher who can bring out the very best in her students, supporting them not just in class but in life. I am truly honoured and grateful to have met such a beautiful soul!! Yoga has completely changed my life and it is Victoria that I give thanks to for my transformation!


Following a very long break from yoga and a run of increasingly debilitating physical health problems I returned to yoga in 2017 and went to Victoria's class. I very quickly rekindled my love for yoga. 

Victoria was incredibly helpful, knowledgable and also passionate about yoga both physical and mental well being and after a couple of private sessions we ironed out some of the alignment kinks that were making my practice challenging. Which really changed my abilities. 

Two years later I have developed hugely physically and mentally. 

Victoria is a knowledgable, passionate and constantly evolving teacher who spends a large amount of time developing her knowledge to encourage her students to grow and change.


Over the years I have dipped in and out of ‘yoga’ practice never really understanding it to be anything more than another form of exercise, albeit less exhilarating; at times. 

In 2016, the year I turned 30, it was recommended to me to try Victoria’s sessions at The Wyre Forest Centre. So I did! The energy at the sessions was contagious! Students were encouraged to explore their whole self and to maximise their own learning experience, this meant that I was the master of my own journey. Victoria is a great guide to understanding and taking responsibility of your own practice, well being and strength. 

I now mainly practice at home catching workshops and events with Victoria. 

Victoria is kind hearted, warm, adventurous and fun to be around.

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